A little about us


"We are entirely independent and our expertise is in assisting with the purchasing of your investment property in France. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive yet friendly service which will make purchasing a property as enjoyable as possible."

Anthony Joyce - Partner


How to invest

There are three general ways we can assist with the investment

Purchase outright

Purchase with borrowing

Purchase through a Self Invest Personal Pension (SIPP) after April 2006

Why purchase through Esprit

After registering your interest with us, Esprit will propose properties that most closely match your client's requirements. Prospective purchasers are invited to join our investment groups of interested investors. Membership is without any cost or obligation.

We have links directly with the main developers in France. We are therefore able to provide off-plan investment opportunities, and wherever possible we will negotiate the best plots. By forming investment groups of interested buyers, we are able to negotiate more strongly with the developer.

However the client is under no obligation to buy, nor are there any fees charged. We will simply provide the client with the requested sales information. The client then decides if he or she wishes to proceed. Hereafter the client deals directly with the developer, and can arrange an inspection visit where appropriate. The developer undertakes to provide an English speaking client representative.

What Esprit offers

Choosing the right investment property is only part of a successful purchase. Where we differ is being able to provide access to our panel of advisors. The companies have been carefully chosen and are all established experts in giving the highest quality advice about French property. They can assist with the following, or alternatively the client is free to choose their own legal and financial advice.

Contract Law

Purchase Entity

French Residency

French Taxes on Rental Income

Capital Gains Tax in France and UK

Succession Law and Planning

French Succession Tax and UK Inheritance Law


Why Esprit

The combination of a select luxury property, linked to a guaranteed rental income provides for an exciting investment opportunity that can also be enjoyed for periods throughout the year.

In addition significant benefits can apply buy choosing the right purchasing entity and with correct taxation and succession planning. It can also provide a guaranteed income in retirement, or as an alternative to an annuity.

By choosing Esprit, we believe the client is accessing one of the most comprehensive range of services dealing with French property investment, and the most exciting range of leaseback and off-plan properties on the market.